Bundle and Save! Bouquets and Centerpieces Collected Online

Bundle and Save! Bouquets and Centerpieces Collected Online

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Bundle and Save!

Learn to design a nature-inspired, garden centerpiece and hand gathered bouquets. Take comprehensive look into how Nicole achieve's depth and authenticity in her work, while topics such as choosing the right vessel, structure, and support for bouquet and vase arrangements will also be covered.

Nicole will guide you through her techniques to choosing product that lends itself to natural floristry, creating texture and movement in your work, and exploring the complexities of color.

Course Curriculum:

-Introduction to nature-based floral design: Allowing breath and dimension in your work

-Supply Lists, vessel choices, structure

-Color and choosing the right product

-Step by step design

What's included:

- 2 Instructional videos from Nicole Land

-Bonus! 2 Companion e-booklets

-Unlimited access to content

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