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Nicole land

Floral Designer


a note from Nicole

There are boundless opportunities to experiment with what nature has given us and to make the most of the products of the seasons by collecting plant materials that grow around us.

Flowers, branches, seedpods, and berries grown in a native environment are unapologetic in the shape their surroundings have sculpted. When we collect from nature, we learn to find beauty in the unconventional which go unnoticed by the every day passersby. I find myself continually inspirited by a melody of color, overgrowth, and general untamed loveliness found in the natural world. I believe  it  is  the addition of these indigenous ingredients that create a feeling of belonging and authenticity to a design

Take a walk in the woods, your community garden; examine pictures or paintings of plants and the environment. In this inspiration, create designs to be an extension of the environment you’re working in. Thus pulling from those elements to create a color, texture, or character story in ones art.



Nicole is known for her carefree aesthetic that finds beauty in natural imperfections. Nicole is passionate about sourcing the best product and gaining inspiration from the season and her native surroundings. 

Nicole's designs are an extension of the environment and season she works in. She pulls from the elements to create a color and texture floral story. As a designer, Nicole believes indigenous ingredients have an irreplaceable influential impact that creates a feeling of belonging and authenticity in a design. 

You can find Nicole's work featured in print and / or online with the following publications:

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Available for worldwide clients, Nicole's wedding and editorial designs reflect classic and natural floristry. Always keeping nature as a guide; taking queues from the environment, season, and moment-in-time to create a feeling belonging an authenticity for our clients.