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"I just finished your natural installation online course and I do really LOVE it! I love you breaking down all the steps from tool introducing to the last editing tips. I especially love how you walk through why you are doing this and that- so down to earth and you make me feel real and your full heart for teaching and flowers." /  Joyce, Catnip Flowers  /


"I went through the course this past week and it helped tremendously with a foam free install I did at a wedding today. I'm so happy with it! Soooo valuable!"/  Erin, A Fox in the Flowers  /


"I'm only on the second video but after all I've spent on courses, this is truly my favorite and so well done. I feel like I'm right there. It takes generous heart to teach the way you are. Hope to meet you someday!"/  Stone Meadows Farm/


"I have purchased my course yesterday and I love it. It is so informative regarding the mechanics which I struggle with. Sooo helpful"/  Vera, Wild Buds Floral /


" This course is very informative, definitely worth every penny! Thank you for the generous sharing Nicole." / Araluen Flowers


"I'm not even half way through and so glad I bought it!" / Liz, Flower and Fern Studio


"I am loving the online course! Sooo helpful and well thought out. Thank you Nicole for sharing your knowledge!!" / Jimma, Tuttie Flor


"Just did it all in one go! Thanks for the inspiration, the generous sharing of your ideas and the tips!" / Nest Styling and Design


"I binged watched the lot yesterday. It's brilliant! Thank you for being so generous in what you share. I love it!!" /  Ruby and the Wolf