Winter Trimmings Wreath

Winter Trimmings Wreath

Trimmings Used

One Semi-Round or Curved Foraged Bare Branch


Eucalyptus Pods

Dried Hydrangea

Pepper Berries


Tools Used

Medium Weight Paddle Wire

Floral Snips


Step 1: Your branch will act as the frame of your wreath. Look at the shape of it- how will it hang best if placed on your wall or door? Once you determine this, you can start attaching your trimmings to your branch frame.

Step 2: Use your paddle wire to attach your largest and fullest piece to your frame. Here, our pine trimmings were placed at the crook of our branch.

Step 3: Wire on additional trimmings that have texture, color, or other interesting elements (used here are eucalyptus pods, dried hydrangea, and pepper berry). I like to group and layer these elements to add visual depth and focus.

Step 4: Tie your ribbon and hang.

Imagery: Erin Kate Photography

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