Vessel of the Month | May

Turning ordinary household items into vessels is simple, affordable, and my absolute favorite! Take a peek in your kitchen cupboard- chances are you have a pitcher waiting to be used! Pitchers are perfect for seasonal arrangements, spirited wildflowers, or blooming branches. Whenever I use a pitcher as a vessel, I like to envision pouring out liquid flowers - I imagine they would taste as wonderful as they look!

Bright and colorful ranunculus fill my pitcher with life and love. Ranunculus are very special flowers and one of my favorites! Watching these little guys bloom is so fun. Their twiggy stems can have a mind of their own, which make very special gestural pieces in a design. I find myself purchasing a specific bunch of ranunculus for that one stem so wild and free it screams, ‘pick me!’  Other stems include anemone, peony, chamomile, and lysmachia. 

This pewter pitcher was purchased from Emilie Jayne. Photos and styling Erin Kate Photography.

Soil and Stem | Vessel of the Month - May
Soil and Stem | Vessel of the Month, May