Wildstem Workshop II

Another collaborative class with Annie Mertlitch of Wildfield Paper Co. took place this September. We spent the day painting, conversing, and arranging flowers at the beautiful Charcoal Loft.

Erin Kate Gouveia was our guest photographer. Her eye for documenting stories with many details creates an authentic, delicate, and engaging point of view. Thank you, Erin, for spending your day and talents with us! 


Annie has become a dear friend of mine, her talent and creativity knows no limit. It’s incredible how effortless she makes her artwork appear. Students spent much time and practice creating just the right hue for their flower, twig, berry, or leaf subjects. The tiniest of elderberries were some of my favorite painting observations.

Being September, we were able to design with many lovely late summer and early fall ingredients. Students learned to create natural, freeform arrangements containing motion, gesture, and interest. We focused on color relationships, form, and texture; each element adding its own value.

My holiday workshops, including Thanksgiving Centerpiece and Wreath Making, are now open for enrollment.

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