Co||ected: A Summer at Field of Roses

I can still hear them; the hum of the bees, the sing song of tui birds, quiet background melodies of Mark Knopfler streaming from the farm house…

Attendees took to the fields to gather inspiration and create pieces from the incredible product grown by Zoe and her mum, Sue. Nestled in Waingake Valley, New Zealand, Field of Roses is known for growing the most beautiful heritage garden roses as well as a selection of blooms that lend themselves to creating wild and romantic designs. We indulged ourselves in flowers, the native land, absorbing knowledge, and most importantly, newly created friendships and connections.

I was so fortunate to have Celine Chhuon come all the way from France as our guest photographer. She is a fine art film artist who travels the globe capturing beauty and inspiration through her lens. Her eye for naturalism and beauty create authentic and engaging imagery that evokes emotion throughout her portfolio.

Co||ected is about designing with locally grown and sourced species gathered from the garden, roadside, and indigenous lands. Find out more on November’s Co||ected workshop here.

Post contains work from myself along with attendees including: Horrobin and Hodge, Leaf and Honey, Zoe Field, On My Hand, Rosies Wildflower co, She’s Blossomed, Wild Blossom, Branch and Bloom, and The Bloemest

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